At first sight, it seems there’s no so much to explain. Currently, most people have an email account. Therefore we know what it is to forward an email. Many times, after receiving a message, we have resent it to another friend or friends for sharing its content. But we don’t mean that basic operation. Email forwarding has much more in store for you and your business. 

What is email forwarding?

Email forwarding or domain email forwards is a mechanism for automatically redirect emails on the domain level. Emails can be redirected from an email address to another or from many different email addresses to a specific one. Time is a factor you can freely define while getting the service, meaning you can execute this operation permanently or during a short, medium, or long period of time. 

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Why use email forwarding?

  • Don’t lose potential clients or audiences. Different reasons can lead a business to change its domain name and to move to a new one. For example, a restructure due to growing, a renovation, business merge, etc. While you work on such tasks, clients could be confused while trying to contact you via the previous email (the old domain name). A good recommendation is not to quit your former domain immediately. Instead, renew its ownership time enough for your clients to get properly informed about the change. A year seems a reasonable time. Set up email forwarding for all the messages to be redirected from the previous email address to the one you define. 
  • Centralize messages for better control. Different positions in a company or professionals find it useful to centralize all the messages they have to check in a single email account. People in charge of more than one domain, owners of different businesses, managers of different projects, etc. They all receive many emails per day. Having an email account for every domain requires extra organization and time for logging in and out. They can forget to access one of their multiple accounts and miss an important situation, etc. Configuring email forwarding, all emails will be redirected to the email address you define. Save time, don’t miss a thing!
  • Avoid that personnel rotation stops your potential deals. Every business has key positions in charge of delicate data, contacts, negotiations, etc. Even your happiest executive can be tempted by another company and suddenly quit the job. Also, different reasons can lead you to fire people in those positions. Time for hiring a new person, for introducing him/her, and for he/she to get up to date can mean the difference between getting or not a deal. Avoid risks by redirecting all emails sent to an email account to the one you define. Conversation between the client and your company can keep going no matter the inside situation. And the new colleague will have all the information to be soon on the same page!
  • Use a disguised public domain email account. Business people use email addresses with their domain names instead of a public email provider (like Google’s Gmail) to provide a professional image and trust for clients. But if you prefer to keep using a personal account provided by an email provider to check and answer the messages, the email forwarding is the solution. It will redirect all the emails to your preferred email address. People will write you to, but you will receive their messages at Your personal email account will remain private.


Contacts and constant communication with clients are gold for businesses. A missed email could mean a deal less. Don’t risk your income. Email forwarding is a totally worth it solution for your business’ success!