DDoS protection is crucial for any online organization that focuses on staying online. It provides a guarantee that your service or website won’t be affected if a DDoS attack is initiated. So, let’s explain a little bit more!

DDoS attack – definition

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is a popular cyber threat that sends massive amounts of traffic to its target – network, system, server.

The goal is to exceed the capacity of the resources and make the victim unable to answer requests of the regular customers. Then, finally, the victim gets completely unable to operate.

Usually, DDoS attacks are initiated towards:

  • Websites for online shopping
  • Any types of companies and organizations that provide online services

What is DDoS protection?

DDoS protection is an additional DNS service that examines the traffic and mitigates malicious DDoS attacks. It offers you an active data packet monitor and filter, a robust network of name servers for improved load balancing, and automatic triggers for faster reaction.

Once you implement it, it will help you stop small, medium, and even strong DDoS attacks, plus it provides excellent uptime. 

Why is DDoS protection important?

  • Less downtime. When you implement a DDoS protection service, your servers are going to be more robust, and you won’t experience downtime as much. All of your customers are going to have access to your service or website.
  • Great performance, even under attack. DNS hosting providers offer well distribution of the traffic. For that reason, your website is going to be available, and you will notice a boost in productivity.
  • It is more valuable. Downtime costs a lot, especially when it is an hour or a whole day. DDoS protection could cost way less and prevent DNS outages from happening in the first place. 
  • Easy management. You only have to set it up once. From there, the monitors and failover mechanism are going to operate almost on their own. 


Here are some of the great benefits that DDoS protection offers:

  • Strong resistance – When you have a well-configurated and extensive load balancing mechanism, the botnet attacks won’t have a chance to disturb your network. You have the ability to handle a lot more traffic and resist the attack.
  • Boosts the speed – The multiple DNS servers located in various different geographical points improve the speed. All of them provide the DNS data (DNS records) fast to each user on the globe.
  • Cost-effective – DNS hosting providers offer not-so-expensive plans for DDoS protection. You are sure that your website is up and running, even under attack for several dollars per month. 


As we mentioned, DDoS protection is crucial if you want your online store or service to be available for your clients. Additionally, it is an extremely beneficial service that is going to help you improve productivity speed and the overall performance of your network.